Welcome to the LICUOS BLOG! We created the LICUOS BLOG to connect you and your business with LICUOS. Most importantly, we want to hear your thoughts. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and questions, so we’ve enabled the ability for you to leave comments to our blog posts.

What is LICUOS?

LICUOS is the global B2B payment platform where businesses can compensate and settle their commercial debts. The platform provides netting, payment and funding services for accounts receivable and payable for businesses like yours, allowing you to reduce your dependence on the traditional banking system alternatives so that you can significantly improve your working capital and cash flow management.

Whether you are a large global firm, a small business, or somewhere in between, including public administration and nonprofit, LICUOS performs end-to-end processing, netting and settlement instantly and securely.

LICUOS gives you full control and visibility into the payment process and allows you to easily communicate and negotiate with your business partners at any point in time. By applying our solution, you will achieve an important reduction in your funding needs and credit risk exposure.



• We will acknowledge any mistakes and correct them promptly.

• We will reply to comments when appropriate and as promptly as possible.

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• We will disagree with other opinions respectfully.

Comment Policy

We value your thoughts, ideas and suggestions, but please keep comments on-topic and do not use abusive language. If you like our point of view, let us know. And if you don’t, tell us why.

We may, in our sole discretion, reject and delete any comments without notice if they are abusive, defamatory and offensive or for any other reason we deem appropriate

The opinions expressed in comments are not necessarily the opinions of LICUOS, and we assume no responsibility for such content. Please do not post any private information unless you want it to be available publicly, including information about your job or your employer.


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